Prevent improper exposition of corporate secrets

Axur platform allows you to monitor incidents regarding the exposition of strategic data, discovering leaks and frauds against your digital operations.

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A complete display of unprotected data

Be able to prevent exposition by tracking vulnerabilities on different sorts of data, whether intentional or not.

The Axur Platform makes sure the Security Information teams can automatically verify on the Deep and Dark Web for leaked private information.

Leaked credentials, emails and access identified

  • Credentials with email, passwords and hashes

  • Hidden API keys in improperly shared programming code

  • Compromising programing codes, exposed on commercial services

  • Access data to software and exclusive applications to the company’s executives

Identification of brand actives exposed and at risk of fraud

  • Credit cards with emitter's BIN's

  • Fiscal documents such as bills and paychecks

  • Strategically important databases which require monitoring

  • Personal data belonging to executives, collaborators, partners, and clients


Successful takedowns on ISPs, social media and marketplaces in 2021


Providers, file sharing services, social networks and marketplaces hosting malicious content.


of credentials identified on paste services, Deep and Dark Web, and significant leaks in 2021

Axur Takedown

Ensure a quick reaction through Axur’s Takedown

A quick response is a fundamental step to minimizing the impact that malicious content can bring.

Through SLA (Service Level Agreement), we guarantee the search for quick removal of pernicious content.

When it comes to removing infracting content, we follow a strict response agenda to send, verify and terminate notification tickets. We drastically lower the response time by setting automation and takedown criteria.

  • First notification comes out in less than 15 minutes

Diversity of leaked data sources in complete display

Combining our technology with AI and professional services, our platform performs the most accurate detection of leaked data.

Daily monitoring of IPs, domains, and emails

Daily checking of active Axur Tokens on unprotected databases

Regular check for paste sites used by cybercriminals to broadcast their attacks

Automatic searches for references to brands, executives, products, services, and company secrets

Search for commercialized data on restrictive communities and forums on the Deep and Dark Web

Processing of significant data leaks as they happen

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André Bandeira

Country Manager


Through the volume of fake advertisements we have taken down, we had an increase of 20% to 30% in our income in e-commerce.

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Danilo Vaccari

Information Security


It is through Axur’s help that we can monitor our brand and bring aggregated security to our clients.

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David Drezza

Credit Planning


We have optimized all our processes, as much for detection as for fake website takedowns, with Axur’s efforts.


Advanced support to accelerate your results

Our support has been evaluated with 95% for CSAT - Customer Satisfaction Score, available 24/7 by email, chat or phone during working hours.

Assistants trained and qualified with our methods, native speakers of your language (PT, ES, and EN)

Human triage of fake positives and support to set up alarms and notifications

Teams of Managed Services and Threat Intelligence available on demand

Take charge of your company’s vulnerable data

Be in control of data exposition through the Axur platform.

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