Reduce the digital fraud that exploits your brand

Use Axur’s platform to detect fake pages and content that scam consumers through your brand’s reputation.

Fake Profiles | Phishing | Fake Apps | Malware

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Reduce your
brand's stellionate complaints

Fake Ads, profiles, and pages may destroy the original brand’s reputation by stealing the consumers’ data to perform counterfeit transactions.

Axur is a platform for brand protection and digital fraud prevention, constantly detecting and removing incidents where cybercriminals may use your brand for internet scams.

We offer specialized support to ensure you’re covered against a wide range of fraud and scams

Combining our technology with professional services, we have outsourced the managing of digital fraud completely, from monitoring to takedown.

  • Automatically reporting fake profiles on over 25 social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok

  • Identification and removal of undue usage of your brand’s registered names on website domains

  • Suspension of phishing attacks on ads, websites, and fake apps on official and non-official stores

  • Soliciting removal of your brand’s name usage on search service’s ads (Google Search)

  • Removal of redirect links used on phishing

  • Detection and takedown of fake apps containing malicious codes available on Google Play, AppStore, and other sources

  • Identification of malware developed for a wide range of operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, IOS, and Android)

  • Detection and analysis of phishing kits on the Deep and Dark Web.


Effectively removing a wide range of incidents

A quick response is a fundamental step to minimizing the impact that malicious content can bring.

Through SLA (Service Level Agreement), we guarantee the search for quick removal of infringer content.

When it comes to removing infracting content, we follow a strict response agenda to send, verify and terminate notification tickets. We drastically lower the response time by setting automation and takedown criteria.

  • First notification comes out in less than 15 minutes


Successful takedowns on social media, and marketplaces on 2021

86% automatic

Takedowns automatically performed by Axur’s platform, with no human intervention, thus guaranteeing max reaction speed.


Providers, file sharing services, social media, and marketplaces hosting malicious content.


Fake profiles hosting malicious content removed in 2021.

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foto do André

André Bandeira

Country Manager


Through the volume of fake advertisements we have taken down, we had an increase of 20% to 30% in our income in e-commerce.

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Danilo Vaccari

Information Security


It is through Axur’s help that we can monitor our brand and bring aggregated security to our clients.

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David Drezza

Credit Planning


We have optimized all our processes, as much for detection as for fake website takedowns, with Axur’s efforts.


Our platform’s exclusive tools detect threats the fastest

Instantaneous phishing detection through OnePixel

OnePixel is a technology developed by Axur to detect suspicious redirecting.

One Pixel plays its role as a real-time monitoring source, with a covering range 85% bigger than other superficial web collectors, thus raising phishing detection over 240 times and allowing automatic takedown around the clock.

Advanced brand recognition on text and image

We identify the mentions of your brand on malicious phishing content, fake profiles, and stellionate by using advanced computational vision and advanced search tools.

Our AI models learn the possible settings for your brand, such as name, symbols, anachronisms, and even mascots, to enhance the capacity for detection and allow immediate automatic takedown.

Digital fraud report channel

The reporting channel is a page where cooperators and consumers that have been victims or have witnessed digital frauds can report their complaints where official brands have been used.

The reports are converted into tickets to be analyzed by Axur’s Platform and finally sent to an immediate takedown, thus strengthening the brand’s role in building safer digital experiences.

Protect the reputation of your digital reputation

Manage threats and digital frauds through Axur’s Platform.