Discover the risks that may be exposing your organization

Your company may be exposed to several threats. Axur's CTI platform can perform a quick and free scan to identify hidden risks such as leaked passwords and credit cards, compromised corporate credentials, and any mentions of your business on Deep & Dark Web channels.

What you will receive

Deep & Dark Web mentions

Threat actors use channels, forums, and Deep & Dark Web groups to plan attacks, exploit vulnerabilities, and sell exposed data. Use the Threat Report to determine if these channels include mentions of your company.

Exposed credentials

Exposed credentials can open your company's doors to threat actors. Find out how many of your domain's corporate credentials are exposed online. Also, get a sample of customer or employee credentials found in infostealer malware logs.

Leaked credit cards

More than 96% of the credit cards detected by the Axur platform are still valid. Find out how many credit cards are exposed online and act quickly to avoid improper purchases and protect your customers.