Detect and Neutralize Impersonating Scams Targeting Your Company

Neutralize external attack vectors with automated monitoring, enhanced AI-driven inspection, and ultra-precision takedown.

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Combatting Impersonation Across All Fronts

Brand impersonation is anywhere—from websites and social media profiles to mobile apps and misleading domain names. You need a robust solution that can monitor all these areas continuously, ensuring comprehensive detection and swift resolution to protect your brand's integrity and customer trust.


Detect phishing attempts and automatically initiate removal within just 3 minutes, boasting the fastest response time in the industry.

Brand Impersonation

Identify impersonations of your company's name to shield your brand from deceptive associations that could mislead your customers.


Monitor new domain registrations linked to your brand, keeping you informed about potential phishing campaigns or suspicious activities.


Keep an eye on the spread of Trojan-Banker malware to protect your consumers from data theft during financial transactions and fraudulent purchases.

Fake Social Profiles

Our predictive models rapidly detect unauthorized use of your brand and visual assets on social networks, enabling automatic takedowns within 3 minutes.

Fake Mobile Apps

Gain comprehensive visibility into official stores and app websites to identify and track fake apps that impersonate your brand.

Brand Use in Paid Search

Prevent competitors and fraudsters from exploiting your brand in top paid search engine ads, ensuring your brand's integrity remains intact.

AI-Driven Inspection

Our AI-based inspection efficiently examines vast datasets, identifying and scoring key attributes. This accelerates the detection process and ensures swift action against potential threats.

Anomaly alerts

Stay tuned to anomalies in dark web mentions related to specific channels or keywords. Set up custom alerts to be notified promptly about potential threats, ensuring you can act swiftly to mitigate risks.

...or Autopilot Takedowns

Threats won't wait, neither can you. Set the autopilot takedowns to turn key attributes into the fastest and most precise notifications, optimized through years of expertise and continuous improvement.

86% of detections are managed without
human touch.

takedowns success rate

5 minutes
median time for the first notification

9 hours of uptime
median time for content removal

“Through the volume of fake advertisements we have taken down, we had a 20% to 30% increase in our income in e-commerce.”

Act Now to Stop Fraud and Impersonation Scams

Protect your organization with automated defenses that instantly identify and disrupt impersonation threats.

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