Automatically detect and remove digital fraud completely

Use the standards of Artificial Intelligence to eliminate fraud before they can affect your customers.

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Our solutions on Digital Fraud allow us to solve the following usage cases:

Fake Profiles on social network
Fake Profiles on
social network
Fake Mobile Apps
Fraudulent Usage of the Brand
Fraudulent Usage
of the Brand
Brand use on paid searches
Brand use on
paid searches
Similar Domain Names
Similar Domain

Detect phishings and notify ISPs with the snap of your fingers

Identify all the threats that utilize your brand and respond quickly enough to prevent losses.

100+ data sources enriched with the power of Artificial Intelligence

Complete and connected dashboard, including logo recognition and dozens of other attributes to speed up the work of the security teams and anti-fraud teams.

Double your capacity of incident management

+2 mi

URLs scanned daily


Domains monitored to detect fraud

Quick detection with notification within minutes

360 monitoring to quickly identify digital fraud using your brand improperly on the Web.

Automated triage with risk score

Manage it all in a single ticket, with complete coverage of threats and automatic collection of evidences.

Thousands of standards to create risk scores and prioritize what’s actually relevant.

Automatic takedown and without human touch

Use the Artificial Intelligence standards to set automatic notifications based on the logo similarity and other content elements.

Detect quickly, react within minutes

Empower your team with the solutions of the Axur platform to multiply the capacity of threat management and risks on the Web.

Premium experience and customized support

All the management experience in an intuitive platform, with complete dashboards and a customized support team.

Risk score to prioritize what’s actually relevant

We utilize over 80 standards associated with the URLs and your content to create the most precise and relevant risk score for threats outside the perimeter.

Artificial Intelligence for visual identity detection

Detection of OCR texts (Optical Character Recognition) and instantaneous of Logos without training models

Several customized models and Processing of Natural Language (PNL)

Detection of mentions of the brand in texts and models based on customized BERT

Multi-Language detection with global coverage

Intuitive and data-driven platform to support decisions

Dashboard with managerial informations to support the decision making and executive report for internal sharing

OnePixel Technology detects phishing kits on fastest time in the market


High precision detecting phishing on the market


Detect and remove phishings automatically

Quick detection

Detect a new phishing while it is being made

Automatic Takedown in platforms in the whole world

Notification and disruption for cases using your brand with the most efficient takedown in the market


Advanced support with premium experience

Support evaluated with 95% of satisfaction (CSAT), 24/7 via email, chat and WhatsApp in commercial time

Managed services, Research, Investigation and Reaction on Cyber Threat Intelligence on demand

Human triage of fake positives and support on the setting of alerts and automations

Trained assistants, qualified with their own multi-language methods, with global coverage

Through the volume of fake advertisements we have taken down, we had a 20% to 30% increase in our income in e-commerce.



Axur's customer support is a differential for Dotz. Always very close, identifying opportunities, and bringing important insights.


Alexandra ferreira

End-to-End Protection for your Digital Presence Landscape

All-in-one, with easy management and the best user experience

Premium Experience of Onboarding and Support

Perfect Integration with the Stack Technology of your preference

Take fraud out of your way and protect your customers