Take control of digital piracy and protect your  revenue

The Axur Platform allows you to continuously discover and remove abusive ads, reducing not only scammers’ success but also complaints from frauded clients and raising the sales of official channels.

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Monitoring and reaction against digital piracy in a complete platform

Continuously check for social networks, websites and relevant marketplaces to search for piracy infringements regarding your brand.

  • Fake products

  • Unauthorized sales

  • Violation of commercialization rights

Mass Detection and Removal

Data from 2021


undue sales discovered by the platform


Takedowns requested and performed to ads and irregular sales

Effective detection and removal on providers most utilized by scammers

The Axur Platform is constantly updating takedown notification processes to over 120 marketplaces hosting fake ads, pirate products and irregular sales.

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Takedowns for piracy incidents outsourced to Axur

Our platform combines high-tech and top services to offer and end to end solution for the takedown of incidents, allowing for the complete outsourcing of mass removal of infringing content to diverse digital threats.

  • Available around the clock

  • Charged only for successful takedowns

  • Collection and history of infractions’ evidence

  • Simple interface by tickets

  • Conformity with every ISP standards

  • High success rate of removal from the main providers

  • Optimized for big volume of notifications

  • Follow-up of tickets by experts

  • Follow-up of re-uploads

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André Bandeira

Country Manager


Through the volume of fake advertisements we have taken down, we had an increase of 20% to 30% in our income in e-commerce.

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Danilo Vaccari

Information Security


It is through Axur’s help that we can monitor our brand and bring aggregated security to our clients.

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David Drezza

Credit Planning


We have optimized all our processes, as much for detection as for fake website takedowns, with Axur’s efforts.


Advanced support to accelerate your results

Our support has been evaluated with 95% for CSAT - Customer Satisfaction Score, available 24/7 by email, chat or phone during working hours

Assistants trained and qualified with our methods, native speakers of your language (PT, ES, and EN)

Human triage of fake positives and support to set up alarms and notifications

Teams of Managed Services and Threat Intelligence available on demand

Enhance your performance against online piracy