Recover your revenue which lies in the hands of online piracy

Prevent losses with irregular sales, fake products and content piracy with a single click.

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Redirect all your profits to your official channels

Detect and remove products that may be infringing your intellectual property or channels that drift your customer from the official sales

Our solutions for Online Piracy allow us to solve the following usage cases:

Fake products or irregular sales
Fake products or
irregular sales
Counterfeit or irregular sale
Counterfeit or
irregular sale

Inspection based on models of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The AI of the Axur platform utilizes several page factors, URL and content to classify threats and discard signals.

Coverage for over 120 global marketplaces

Gain complete control over your sales on the biggest marketplaces in the world, detecting and removing irregular sales automatically.

Access all the information within a single ticket, with easy management and automatic evidence collection.


Quickly identify content piracy in streamings utilized to profit with your brand or your products.

Request the Takedown with a single click to remove irregular content and rescue the profiteering of your videos and products.

Social Media

Monitor non-official sale profiles on the world’s biggest social media.

Identify and takedown unauthorized sellers profiles and removing piracy out of your customer’s way.

Choose your challenge and start recovering your revenue


Ensure your intellectual
property and your copyrights


Monetize your videos without disputing for audience


Remove piracy from your customer’s purchase journey

Detection, inspection, automation and removal


irregular ads and sales taken down


success on Takedowns by Axur

Collectors with the biggest coverage of threats

The AI of the Axur platform utilizes several page factos, URL and content to classify threats and discard signals

Automize the takedown of
online piracy

Over 1000 brands have already had the complete and automized coverage of the #1 platform against online piracy

Pay only for successful takedowns, with 99% success rate on the removal on the main providers

Optimized for big volumes of notifications, with easy ticket management

Automatic verification and follow ups by experts

Available 24/7, with multi-language support and managed services on demand

Conformity with the standards of every ISP, with triage assisted by machine learning

Rules of automation and safelists for extremely precise detections

Advanced support with premium experience

Support evaluated with 95% of satisfaction (CSAT), 24/7 via email, chat and WhatsApp in commercial time

Managed services, Research, Investigation and Reaction on Cyber Threat Intelligence on demand

Human triage of fake positives and support on the setting of alerts and automations

Trained assistants, qualified with their own multi-language methods, with global coverage

Through the volume of fake advertisements we have taken down, we had a 20% to 30% increase in our income in e-commerce.



Axur's customer support is a differential for Dotz. Always very close, identifying opportunities, and bringing important insights.


Alexandra ferreira

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