Cyber Intelligence beyond the superficial web

Combining the monitoring of the Deep & Dark Web with the innovations of cyber intelligence, the Axur platform improves the protection of significant digital operations against complex digital frauds.

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Discover exploits and reinforce the security of your digital operation

The exposure of significant operations on the internet is the perfect scenery for digital attacks such as stellionate, phishing, fake ads, and malware.

Scammers identify vulnerabilities in your company’s systems, developing mechanisms and vectors for successful attacks.

Fraud investigations with our Cyber Threat Intelligence team

Managing fraud on your own makes it harder to discover more complex criminal schemes. These can be more easily detected with investigations led by cybersecurity and social engineering specialists.

Our investigation team performs advanced studies, including interaction with criminals, in search of the source of the problem, by utilizing the Deep and Dark Web monitoring built with our very own technology.

  • Find out every time your brand is mentioned on non-indexed forums and groups

  • Buying of samples

  • Prevention and reaction playbooks regarding new uncovered schemes

  • Interaction with scammers

  • Availability of consumer’s data leaked to blocking of shopping attempts

  • Sectorial alerts regarding big digital threats

Reduce the impact of incidents caused by fraud and data leaks

Axur platform monitors 24/7 for strategic information sources to detect fraudulent schemes on the internet.

Axur organized threats in tickets on the platform for their treatment, available with customization for triggers and solicitation for an automatic takedown.

Monitoring of groups, forums and non-indexed communities.

Public servers, and sharings and copy & paste websites

Amazon S3



Of credentials detected on 2021 were on the Deep and Dark Web


Of cards detected on 2021 were on the Deep and Dark Web


messages monitored on 2021

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André Bandeira

Country Manager


Through the volume of fake advertisements we have taken down, we had an increase of 20% to 30% in our income in e-commerce.

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Danilo Vaccari

Information Security


It is through Axur’s help that we can monitor our brand and bring aggregated security to our clients.

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David Drezza

Credit Planning


We have optimized all our processes, as much for detection as for fake website takedowns, with Axur’s efforts.


Ensure a quick reaction through Axur’s Takedown

A quick response is a fundamental step to minimizing the impact that malicious content can bring.

Through SLA (Service Level Agreement), we guarantee the search for quick removal of content pernicious to your brand.

When removing infringing content, we follow a strict response agenda to send, verify and terminate notification tickets. We drastically lower the response time by setting automation and takedown criteria.

  • First notification comes out in less than 15 minutes

Manage your company's data even in the Deep & Dark Web

Be in control of data exposition through Axur’s platform.