Threat Intel Platform based on AI

The only one with complete coverage for Surface and the Deep & Dark Web to treat the main threats and digital risks

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Complete understanding of threats through our platform

Amplify your visibility to identify, investigate and treat incidents with the quickest Mean Time To Contain (MTTC)

Our solution for Deep & Dark Web allows you to solve the following usage cases:

Suspicious brand mentions
brand mentions
Incidents turn into tickets
Incidents turn
into tickets
Intelligence and Investigation Support
Intelligence and

Get to know how the Threat Actors see your business

A specialized team to investigate tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) and formulate responses to incidents

Solve critical vulnerabilities

Be the first one to be alerted on relevant flaws to your business and sector, correcting critical vulnerabilities

Enhance your response to incidents to retake the operations

Be ready to respond quickly and mitigate risks in any sort of situation

Discover mentionings to your brand in groups and non-indexed forums

Sectorial alerts regarding big digital threats

Availability of leaked customers’ data for blocking of purchase attempts

Purchase of samples and interactions with scammers

Playbooks of prevention and response to new discovered schemes

Reverse engineering of malwares and apps (APKs)

Global and sectoral
alerts and reports of Cybersecurity

Receive alerts and global or sectorial informers, GTI (Global Threat Informer) and GTA (Global Threat Alert)

Completely track what’s under secret


of detected credentials were on the Deep & Dark Web

3,7 mi

credit and debit cards detected

The only intuitive and integrated interface to treat cyber threats


Complete coverage on the Superficial, Deep & Dark Web


Creating and classifying tickets automatically


With the support from the biggest team of experts in CTI


With the automatic Takedown or response to incidents

MISP - Open Source Threat Intelligence and Sharing Platform

Add-on to share, store and correlate Indicators of Compromises (IoC’s)

Manage the IoC’s

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Information of Threat Actors

Data on financial fraud and more

API for monitoring integrated to WhatsApp

Find chats of threat actors on WhatsApp numbers through Axur’s monitoring

Reduce the impact of incidents using artificial intelligence

Monitoring 24/7 for detection of fraudulent schemes.

Threats on tickets in platforms for treatment, customization of triggers and automatic Takedowns.

Thousands of groups, channels and forums mapped to monitor mentionings.

Support in war room moments for responses to big incidents.

Public servers, sharing and copy & paste


messages intercepted in a year


monitored forums, groups and channels

Through the volume of fake advertisements we have taken down, we had a 20% to 30% increase in our income in e-commerce.



Axur's customer support is a differential for Dotz. Always very close, identifying opportunities, and bringing important insights.


Alexandra ferreira

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