Partner with Axur! Expand your business and boost results

Axur Unite our channel partner program – offers the best digital risk protection on the market. We can equip your company with a complete strategy for digital security. In addition to the direct advantages we provide to you and your customers, a partnership with Axur allows you to leverage your company’s growth by taking the right steps at the right time.


How it works and benefits

The main objective of Axur’s Unite is to combine our efforts with yours to make the internet a safer place. You, your company and your customers will enjoy benefits that go beyond a simple commercial partnership.

Become a security advisor

Upscale your customers' security management with Axur's expert support.

Cooperative marketing initiatives

Upscale your customers' security management with Axur's expert support.

Recurrent earnings and income for your company

Choose from a variety of remuneration models to maximize your earnings with Axur’s products.

Customer Success made by Axur

Upscale your customers' security management with Axur's expert support.

Sales training, dedicated service and exclusive materials

The partnership you choose will have the full support of the Axur team, whenever and wherever you need us.

Registry of opportunities

That’s our process to guarantee there won’t be any commercial conflicts with other partners or sales teams. Axur is always striving for the best arrangements, and is committed to the investment made in its partnerships.

Partnership models

There are four different types of partnership. See which one best suits your type of business or company.

Agente comercial

Commercial Agent

Identify opportunities for Axur and leave the rest to us.

As a commercial agent, you’ll find and identify business opportunities in your relationship network that can benefit from Axur's digital security intelligence.

Once the opportunity is identified, our team of specialists contacts the customer and follows up, handling negotiations, billing and after-sales processes.

Value Added Reseller (VAR)

Offer Axur’s products to your customers.

The VAR is the most strategic type of partnership, since it allows you to offer Axur’s products with the approach that best meets your customers’ needs.

With this partnership, the channel team’s dedicated support and the training offered throughout the journey of negotiation are distinctions that lead to benefits, compensation and progressive incentives.

Value Added Reseller (VAR)

MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) e Integrador de Tecnologia

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) and Technology Integrator

Apply Axur’s solutions to your customers' digital security management.

This partnership is specific to the digital security industry, because it augments your portfolio with Axur solutions and enhances your customers’ satisfaction.

Through this arrangement, your customers are offered exclusive discounts and superior, customized strategies. Since Axur deploys all of its intelligence to protect your customers against digital risks, your results achieve scale.


Whatever your market segment, it pays to incorporate Axur's solutions into your portfolio.

An alliance with Axur enables companies from segments other than digital security to offer their customers effective protection against digital risks.

That’s how you can be assured that the service and protection Axur provides against digital risks will add value to your relationship with your customers.


Partner with us and boost your earnings

Creating a partnership with Axur is a simple process. First, contact us at: 11 3854-7842

You will receive more details and materials about the partnership program, plus a list of documents you’ll need for your company’s affiliation. Let’s do it together!