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Axur Stands by Our Channel Partners

We foster collaboration, allowing integrators, resellers, and referrals to offer industry-leading security solutions while expanding your reach.

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Integrate advanced cybersecurity solutions, enhancing your service portfolio and adding significant value for your clients.


Deliver customized cybersecurity solutions with our expertise, ensuring precise, impactful security for your clients' unique needs.


Benefit from Axur's continuous support to perfectly align our solutions with your clients' requirements, exceeding expectations.


Ideal for MSSPs, MSPs, and IT consulting firms that aim to broaden their cybersecurity offerings by seamlessly integrating Axur's solutions into their current portfolios, delivering comprehensive threat protection for their clients.

Choose the Partnership That Fits You Best
Expand your portfolio!

Enhance your service portfolio by incorporating the Axur platform into your offerings and providing advanced cybersecurity solutions directly to your customers.


Maintain direct management with full commercial and technical responsibility towards your customers, supported by Axur's expertise for a successful solution offering.


Serve as an intermediary to streamline the acquisition process for end users, simplifying their path to Axur's solutions.


Perfect for VARs and IT distributors with established customer bases, aiming to enhance their catalog by providing Axur's advanced cybersecurity solutions with direct commercial and technical support.

Choose the Partnership That Fits You Best
Expand your growth through referrals!

Earn direct and fair financial rewards for each successful sale, recognizing your efforts and dedication in the Axur sales cycle.


Benefit from continuous assistance, promotional materials, and training, empowering you to effectively market and represent the Axur platform.


Collaborate with Axur for mutual success and market expansion, leveraging our partnership to achieve greater heights together.


Best suited for consultants and technology advisors who can leverage their client networks to identify businesses that would benefit from Axur's platform, while earning competitive commissions for successful referrals.

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Demand generation, training, continuous support and more

Cutting-Edge Technology

Get early access to new products, exclusive discounts, and expand your portfolio with our latest offerings.

Comprehensive Training

Join specialized workshops, sales training, earn certifications, and access cybersecurity knowledge with Axur University to empower your team.

Strategic Collaboration

Benefit from co-marketing activities and comprehensive materials to boost brand awareness and demand generation.

Rewarding Incentive Programs

Enjoy performance-based incentives, seasonal rebates, and rewards for contributions to business growth.

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Digital Fraud
Fraudulent brand use
Data Leakage
Exposed credentials and sensitive data
Online Piracy
Unauthorized sales and distribution
Deep & Dark Web
Brand mention in non-indexed environments
Executives & VIPs
Exposed personal data and fake profiles

Dive Into Polaris, Our New Cutting-Edge Solution

Our AI-Powered Threat Intel Analyst

Efficiently sift through vast amounts of fragmented cyber intelligence data to obtain AI-curated, actionable insights specifically tailored to your client's attack surface map. Position yourself as your customers' premier strategic advisor and achieve up to a 30% increase in revenue growth.

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Dive into Our New
Cutting-edge Solutions

Our AI-Powered Threat Intel Analyst

Efficiently sift through vast amounts of fragmented cyber intelligence data to obtain AI-curated, actionable insights specifically tailored to your client's attack surface map. Position yourself as your customers' premier strategic advisor and achieve up to a 30% increase in revenue growth.

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FAQ for Axur Partner Program

What unique security solutions does Axur provide to its partners?
Axur offers innovative solutions like external cybersecurity, digital risk protection, brand protection, threat intelligence, and more, enhancing channel partners' security portfolios.
What differentiates Axur from other security providers?
Axur is a cost-effective, AI-powered solution that automates 86% of threat detections. It enhances Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP) and other channel partners by detecting external threats and scaling threat management 180x.
How does the Axur Partner Program benefit channel partners?
Axur’s comprehensive partner program for cybersecurity offers MSSPs, MSPs, VARs, and other partnership models as the best solutions to protect their clients and cement their position as the most trusted cyber market provider. All partners gain access to exclusive sales incentives, comprehensive sales, technical training, and significant revenue opportunities for cybersecurity organizations.
How does Axur support Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP)?
MSSPs and MSPs receive advanced integration support, demand generation assistance, and channel development opportunities for lead sharing to enhance their service offerings. Partners receive detailed sales and technical training, focusing on product integration and maximizing sales efficiency.
How does Axur help in generating demand for its partners?
Axur supports demand generation through targeted marketing efforts, such as Market Development Funds (MDF) and strategic lead-sharing initiatives. Profitability and growth scale as the partnership level evolves.
What are the tier levels in the Axur Partner Program?
The Axur Partner Program includes Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels, recognizing partners based on Sales, Customer Satisfaction, and Technical Proficiency. The Silver level provides essential resources and support for collaboration.

The Gold level offers enhanced benefits like higher compensation, discounts, and marketing funds, fostering deeper engagement. The Platinum level, exclusive to top Integrator and Reseller partners, provides unparalleled resources, support, and strategic alignment, representing the highest commitment and collaboration within the program.
How does Axur facilitate lead sharing with its partners?
Axur provides a structured lead-sharing system to ensure channel partners, such as Value-Added Resellers (VAR), receive quality leads that match their expertise, enhancing conversion rates and fostering robust channel partnerships.
What opportunities exist for Value Added Resellers (VAR)?
VARs have access to specialized revenue opportunities, extensive integration support, and tailored sales training programs. This enables them to expand services and enhance collaboration with security providers, driving substantial business growth.
What revenue opportunities are available for Axur partners?
Axur partners can explore multiple revenue streams through exclusive sales programs, managed services, and innovative integration projects, maximizing earnings for Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP) and Resellers. With Axur’s cost-effective, industry-leading solutions and rapid growth, partners are well-positioned for significant financial success.
How can I become an Axur partner?
Becoming an Axur partner is simple and straightforward. Just fill out the partnership form on this page, and our team will contact you shortly to discuss the next steps. Join us to unlock exclusive benefits and opportunities in our cybersecurity ecosystem.