Digital Risk Protection meets Cyber Threat Intel in one platform

Protect your business and your customers against threats and digital risks with Axur platform

Boosts your team driving unparalleled coverage and efficiency

Digital Fraud

Data Leakage

Online Piracy


Cyber Threat Intelligence

Gain visibility over surface, deep & dark web

Business success depends on customer experience and trust more than ever. But customers are harsh and leave unmerciful when companies violate their trust.

Axur’s platform helps security pros prevent these breaches of trust, such as fraud, data theft, and other, more insidious cyberactivity occurring on digital channels.

Get a complete view on all the threats that harm your business

Gain total visibility of risks and cyber threats to your business on the Surface Web and on the Deep & Dark Web.

Request automatic takedowns and investigations to mitigate risks with the smallest time and effort.

Seamless integration with your favorite security stack

By utilizing our powerful integrations, security teams acquire enhanced intelligence that is optimized to work with their tech & security stack.

This frictionless integration enables teams to react quickly and confidently to threats beyond their perimeter.

Smart playbooks automation

Axur is revolutionizing the traditional manual methods used to detect digital risks and threats by integrating cutting-edge technology.

This technology automates the identification, inspection and the takedown of deceptive websites and content.

Make collaboration easy with a single platform

Use the raw cyberthreat intelligence and powerful deep search tools to gain more context and understand threats more deeply.

Easily collaborate on investigations across teams using the Axur's platform and share knowledge of threats with inside company and outside investigators.

Be 100% in control of the management of risks and threats

Full transparency over your detections, decisions, configurations, automations and takedown requests with traceability of any interaction with Axur's platform.

Ultra-fast AI-driven detection and analysis

Use the power of specialized algorithms to continuously and effectively find and address risks to the organization’s digital assets in real time.

Responses are based on predefined criteria and initiated automatically, thus ensuring superior performance for users.

Superior coverage with fast-paced AI analytics & response

6 billion

web & internet signals processed monthly


takedown efficiency

End-to-end protection for your digital presence

All-in-one, with easy management and the best user experience

Premium onboard and support experience

Perfect integration with the Technology Stack of your preference

Don’t just believe it. Try it yourself.

Axur's platform automates the detection, continuous monitoring, and remediation across multiple external attack vectors.

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