Cost-Effective External Cybersecurity

AI-driven solutions to protect your business from threats outside the perimeter.

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External Threats Are Rising Fast

The rise of external threats demands immediate action beyond traditional perimeters. Act now to strenghten your cyber defenses and shield your organization security posture.

phishing scams increased
in the previous year
increase in brand impersonation,
costing $40 bi
increase in losses from data
breaches, costing $1.2 bi

Top-Tier External Cybersecurity

You need advanced solutions with rapid threat identification and neutralization, industry-leading takedown workflows, comprehensive and scalable threat intelligence.

Leverage AI to Spot and Swiftly Neutralize External Threats

Our cutting-edge LLM models prioritize risks with precision, and initiate swift response notifications for immediate disruption.

of detections are managed without human touch.

Experience Our Elite Takedown Capabilities

Fraud Intelligence to Protect Your Business on the Deep & Dark Web

Start your day with our AI generative model that summarizes the most relevant Deep & Dark Web mentions and offers you insights to protect your organization from fraudulent activities, data sale, attack plans or bug exploitation.

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Introducing Polaris

Our AI-Powered Threat Intel Analyst

180x faster
threat intel analysis
99.4% more
productive days
33% less noise
from threat alerts

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