Discover the efficiency of automatic takedowns

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Optimize your takedown processes with the Axur platform, a complete solution for removing trademark violations and other risks from the internet.

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Save time by outsourcing takedowns with Axur

Our platform combines service and technology to offer an end-to-end solution for incident takedowns, enabling comprehensive outsourcing for the mass removal of infringing content from various types of digital threats.

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  • Pay only for successful takedowns

  • Removal success on the leading providers

  • Optimized for high-volume notifications

  • Tickets monitored by experts

  • Daily monitoring for reuploads

  • Compliance with each ISP's standard

  • Available 24x7

  • Support in 3 languages (EN/PT/ES)

  • Easy management using tickets

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Our enforcement team is available to you 24/7

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Content removal notifications can be time-consuming for your information security and fraud prevention teams.

In addition to the variety of providers’ notification processes, many attempts are not resolved with the first send and need to be re-sent. Axur takes care of this process for you.

Each takedown is monitored in real time from the notification of the entities responsible for hosting the infringing content to the conclusion of the case, all within the same ticket.

You only pay if the takedown is successful.

Coverage for a wide variety of digital threats


Data exposed on the surface web

  1. Credit cards

  2. Corporate credentials (email, passwords and hashes)

  3. Programming codes on open platforms

  4. Corporate databases

  5. Executives' data


Digital Fraud

  1. Pages that violate trademark rights

  2. Fake discount coupons

  3. Phishing pages

  4. Malware and fake apps

  5. Fake social media profiles


Digital piracy

  1. Unlawful distribution of official products

  2. Fake product offers

  3. Piracy of classes, videos and paid content

Ensure a quick response with Axur’s SLA commitment

The SLA (Service Level Agreement) guarantees that we will pursue agility in sending notifications of content that damages your brand. We follow a rigid timeline for sending, verifying and closing takedown tickets.


Quick responses, reduce the impact of malicious content.

  1. First notification sent in minutes

  2. Subsequent notifications between 24 and 40 hours

  3. Verification 2 to 4 times per day

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Platform optimized for takedowns on the world's leading ISPs.

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The Axur platform is constantly updating its takedown notification processes for the more than 9,000 file-sharing services, social media and marketplaces that host malicious or unlawful content.

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André Bandeira

Country Manager


Through the volume of fake advertisements we have taken down, we had 20% to 30% increase in our income in e-commerce.

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Danilo Vaccari

Information Security


It is with Axur’s help that we can monitor our brand and bring aggregated security to our clients.

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David Drezza

Credit Planning


We have optimized all of our processes, as much for detection as for fake website takedowns, with Axur’s efforts.


Protect your reputation, avoid expenses and regain lost sales

Allowing your brand to be a vector for digital fraud attacks can damage the trust relationships built with your consumers.

Theft, phishing, and chargebacks generate operational as well as legal expenses, such as indemnity payments and legal defense costs.

These damages can be avoided by identifying and removing infringing content ahead of time.

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Boost your anti-fraud performance

Outsource your takedown process with the Axur platform