Remove risks with the automatic Takedown and with no human touch

First notification in up to 20 minutes, with 99% success rate and automatic collection of evidences

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Completely eliminate threats in large scale

Axur’s Takedown notifies incidents with scale and automation, in just a few minutes and with high efficiency

Our Takedown solution allows you to solve the following usage cases:

Data leakage on the Superficial Web
Data leakage on
the Superficial Web
Fake Social Profiles for Executives
Fake Social Profiles
for Executives
Digital Fraud
Online Piracy

The fastest Mean Time To Contain (MTTC)

Ensure the immediate response to the digital risks and enjoy the shortening of your MTTC

The only Takedown with 99% of success


Providers notified for takedown


The smallest rates of false positives

Automatic collections of all the detected evidences

Screenshot of the page holding the threat, HTML of the webpage and information on the domain (Whois)

Pay only for successful Takedowns, with 99% success on the removal of the main providers

Optimized for big volumes of notifications, with easy management by tickets

Automatic verifications and follow up by experts

Available 24/7, with multi-language support and Managed Services on demand

Conformity with the standards of every ISP, with triage assisted by machine learning

Rules of automation and safelists for extremely precise detections

What explains the 99% sucess Takedown


We’ve got over 20 years of experience on Takedowns


Automatic Takedowns and without human touch

Quick Detection

The fastest notification to diminish fraud exposure

Premium Support

Specialized follow-up throughout the entire process

Optimized for Takedown on the most relevant ISPs in the world

Automized notifications for providers, registers and platforms

Real Time follow up from the notification until the closure of the case, all within the same ticket

Automation of safelists to optimize treatment

The safelists avoid the risk of removing pages from partners of original contents, as well as accelerating treatment

Web Safe Reporting to report fraud

Single mechanism that reduces the exposure to fraud

+30 entities among antivirus, browser, and others

Removal of permission
of domains

Over half a million Takedowns performed in a year


Digital Fraud removed


Takedowns performed

Through the volume of fake advertisements we have taken down, we had a 20% to 30% increase in our income in e-commerce.



Axur's customer support is a differential for Dotz. Always very close, identifying opportunities, and bringing important insights.


Alexandra ferreira

Gain scale and automation
to treat incidents