Privacy Notice

Axur values the privacy of its users and has therefore created this Personal Data Privacy Policy to demonstrate its commitment to the protection of personal data, in accordance with Law No. 13,709/2018 (the "General Data Protection Law") (the "LGPD"), to inform Data Subjects about what personal data is collected, how it is collected, the treatment carried out, the storage methods, whether there is sharing with third parties, and other essential information about your privacy and protection.

1. General Information and Definitions

AXUR: AXUR SEGURANÇA E DEFESA CIBERNÉTICA LTDA, headquartered at Rua Mostardeiro, No. 322, suites 701, 1501, and 1502, Moinhos de Vento neighborhood, CEP 90430-000, in the city of Porto Alegre/RS, registered with CNPJ/MF under number 10,318,969/0001-69.

LEGAL BASIS: legal foundation that legitimizes the processing of personal data for a specific purpose by Axur, as defined in the General Data Protection Law.

CONSENT: the legal basis that involves the explicit and unequivocal authorization of the Data Subject for the processing of personal data by Axur.

PERSONAL DATA: any data from which information that (i) identifies a Data Subject; and/or (ii) through which the identification or contact information of a Data Subject can be derived, either in isolation or in combination.

PURPOSE: the reason for which Axur processes Personal Data.PRIVACY POLICY: this document, which contains Axur's guidelines for Personal Data Processing.

PROCESSING: any and all operations performed with Personal Data, such as collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, archiving, storage, disposal, evaluation, control, modification, communication, transfer, dissemination, or extraction.

NECESSITY: the justification for why Axur processes Personal Data.

PRODUCTS/SERVICES: all events, websites, products, and/or services managed, maintained, created, or marketed by Axur, including but not limited to its websites, blogs, the Axur One platform, webinars, training, live events, etc.

DATA SUBJECT: a natural person about whom Personal Data is processed by Axur.

USER: a natural person of at least 18 (eighteen) years of age, in full possession of their mental capacity, who uses Axur's products/services.

By accessing and/or using Axur's products/services, the user declares to be at least 18 (eighteen) years old and to have full and express capacity to accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy for all legal purposes.

If the user does not fit the description above and/or does not agree, even in part, with the terms and conditions contained in this Privacy Policy, they should not access and/or use any products/services offered by Axur.

2. Collection of Personal Data

The Data Subject provides Personal Data to Axur through Axur's registration forms:

i. For the formalization of proposals for the acquisition of products and services; and

ii. For the formalization of the acquisition of products and services;

iii. For receiving information about products and services.

When the Data Subject registers and/or fills out forms provided by Axur, certain Personal Data is requested. This Personal Data will be used for the Purposes defined below, in accordance with the Legal Bases identified here:

Contact Us / Talk to an Expert

Data collected: Full name, email, telephone, job title, and company.

Purpose of use / data processing: If the user wants to get in touch with Axur for more information about products/services, Axur will need this data to respond to the user and assist them in the best possible way, seeking any relevant history of interactions with the user's company.

Legal Basis: Consent

Consent: "I agree to provide my name, email, telephone, job title, and the company I work for so that Axur can respond to any questions and interests I may have regarding the products/services."

Content and Resources

Axur blog articles (Deep Space), new e-books, new reports, offers or promotions, upcoming webinars, webinar participation information, Axur's podcast, smart content (according to job title), expert contact (from our experts for scheduling meetings, negotiations, opportunities, etc.).

Data collected: Full name, email, telephone, job title, and company.

Purpose of use/data processing: If the user wants to subscribe to the listed content above, Axur will need contact details to notify the user about the availability of new content. Additionally, Axur will send email marketing to users who provide this information and may contact them regarding products/services.

Legal Basis: Consent

Consent: "I agree to access Axur's content and receive commercial contacts. I am aware that my provided data will be used internally for promotional purposes by Axur, and I agree to receive emails from Axur."

Executives & VIPs

Data collected: Personal identification documents (CPF, SSN, DNI, driver's license, passport, etc.), 4 Emails (personal and/or corporate), 4 Phone numbers, 4 credit/debit cards, Link to official social media profiles (for automatic addition to Safelist).

Purpose of processing: We use the data provided by the customer to monitor some sources (surface web, deep/dark web groups and pages, data breaches, social media). We only inspect data in those sources that the executive provided (or the company employee who registered on the platform).

In addition, the link to official social media profiles is used for automatic addition to Safelist, ensuring that we do not detect the official profile of the person and risk a Takedown request.

Legal basis: Consent and contract execution.Consent: "I consent to the processing of my personal data by Axur as per the contract and this Policy."

Axur One Platform

Data collected (i): Full name, email, telephone, and job title.

Purpose of use/data processing (i): Personal data is necessary to contact the customer regarding the products/services they have purchased. The Axur One Platform is accessible only to registered users. If the user does not agree with the processing of their data, they will not be able to access the platform, and the service cannot be provided correctly.

Legal basis (i): Contract execution

Consent (i): Not applicable.

Data collected (ii): Full name, email, RG, CPF, CNH, credentials, credit card number.

Purpose of use/data processing (ii): We may monitor the online exposure of customer executives. If the customer purchases this product/service, the provided personal data will be monitored for misuse on the internet. The data subject will give their consent for processing.

Legal basis (ii): Consent and contract execution.

Consent (ii): "I agree to provide my personal data to Axur so they can monitor the misuse of my data on the internet. I am aware that my personal data will be used only for the purpose of monitoring misuse, and the contracting company to which I belong will be the data controller. I am also aware that if I revoke this consent, the product/service cannot continue."

Data collected: Email.

Purpose of use/data processing: We collect the user's email to inform them when the URL of a website they have provided is not in Axur's database at that time.

Legal basis: Consent.

Consent: "I agree to provide my email so that Axur can contact me as soon as the URL of the site I provided is checked."

3. Storage of Personal Data

Axur will store the information collected on cloud servers provided by service providers contracted by Axur. Providers are evaluated to provide the security expected by Axur, ensuring that all personal data subject to processing by Axur is kept confidential, complete, and accessible when necessary.
Axur uses reasonable market and legally required means to preserve the privacy of the data collected. In this way, it adopts the following precautions:

i. When necessary, Axur uses standard market methods to encrypt and anonymize the data collected;

ii. Axur has protection against unauthorized access to its systems; and

iii. Those who come into contact with the information are contractually committed to maintain absolute confidentiality regarding any personal data they have access to, under penalty of liability, in accordance with Brazilian law.

Axur makes its best efforts to preserve the user's data privacy. However, no website is entirely secure, and Axur cannot guarantee that all information that passes through the pages will not be subject to unauthorized access using methods developed to obtain information improperly.

For this reason, we encourage users to take appropriate measures to protect themselves, such as keeping all created usernames and passwords confidential.

4. International Data Transfers

Axur has cloud servers located in Northern Virginia, United States of America.

5. Data Sharing

Axur may disclose the personal data collected from third parties in the following situations and within the limits authorized by law:

i. For administrative purposes such as research, planning, service development, security, and risk management;

ii. In the event of a merger, division, acquisition, or incorporation of Axur;

iii. For the purpose of delivering the product and/or service contracted with Axur; and

iv. When necessary to fulfill a legal obligation, determination of the competent authority, or judicial decision.

6. Legal Grounds for Data Disclosure

In some cases, Axur may disclose the personal data collected to comply with applicable legislation or through a judicial or administrative order or summons.

i. Compliance with a legal or regulatory obligation of a public authority;

ii. Collaboration with investigations by public bodies and authorities and/or for the protection of national security;

iii. Execution of contracts;

iv. Investigation and defense of third-party claims;

v. Protection of the security or integrity of the services provided by Axur.

7. Data Retention

Axur will retain information about Data Subjects only for the period necessary to fulfill the declared purpose for which the personal data was processed, including processing security, legal and regulatory obligations (e.g., audit, accounting, and statutory retention terms), disputes regarding processing, and the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal actions.

8. Data Subject Rights

Axur recognizes the rights of Data Subjects and ensures the possibility of querying the following situations:

i. Confirmation of the existence of processing;

ii. Requirement of access to data;

iii. Correction of incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated data;

iv. Anonymization, blocking, or deletion of unnecessary, excessive, or unlawfully processed data, if applicable;

v. Portability to another service or product provider, upon express request by the Data Subject;

vi. Deletion of data processed with the Data Subject's consent, if requested by them;

vii. Obtaining information about public or private entities with which Axur has shared their data, if legally permitted;

viii. Information about the possibility of not giving consent, as well as being informed about the consequences of refusal; and

ix. Revocation of consent.

Axur is available to fulfill Data Subject rights through a request sent to the designated email address In the event of a request for the deletion of personal data from Axur's database, if it is found that there is a need to maintain this personal data due to legal and regulatory obligations, this will be communicated to the Data Subject, and the request will be denied.

9. Cookies

Cookies are files or information that can be stored on your devices when you use or access Axur's products/services. Generally, a cookie contains the name of the originating site, its lifespan, and a value generated randomly.

Axur uses cookies to facilitate usage and provide greater adaptability of its Pages' content to the interests and needs of Data Subjects. Cookies can also be used to speed up your activities and future experiences in products/services.

Cookies necessários

These cookies are necessary for the functioning of the site and cannot be disabled on our systems. In general, they are set in response to actions taken by you, i.e., in a service request, such as setting your privacy preferences, logging in, or filling out forms. Learn more about necessary cookies.

Analytics Cookies

These cookies help us understand how visitors engage with the site. We may use a set of cookies to collect information and generate reports on site usage statistics. The data collected, along with some of the advertising cookies described, can also be used to help display more relevant ads on the web and measure interactions with the ads we display. Learn more about analytics cookies.

Advertising Cookies

We use cookies to make our ads more engaging and valuable to site visitors. Some common applications of cookies include selecting ads based on user relevance, improving campaign performance reporting, and preventing repeated ads for users. Learn more about advertising cookies.

Functionality Cookies

We use a set of cookies that are optional for site operation. These cookies are only set in response to information provided on the site to personalize and optimize the experience, as well as to remember your chat history. Learn more about functionality cookies.

Once the user consents to the use of cookies when using Axur's products/services, Axur will store a cookie on their device to remember this in the next session. If the user does not consent to the use of cookies, a simple cookie will be used in their browser to remember their preferences.

At any time, the user may revoke their consent to the use of cookies using their browser settings. For more information on how to manage cookies in browsers:

Google Chrome
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Mozilla Firefox

Finally, we remind you that if the user does not accept some cookies from Axur's products/services, certain services may not work optimally.

10. Contact for the Data Protection Officer

We are available to resolve any doubts regarding the processing of personal data or requests from Data Subjects or competent authorities at the email address

Data Protection Officer: Tiffany Cunha de Jesus

11. Choice of Forum and Legislation

This Policy will be governed, interpreted, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil, especially Law No. 13,709/2018, regardless of the laws of other states or countries, with the forum of the user's domicile being competent to settle any doubts arising from this document.

12. Policy Revisions

Axur's Privacy Policy will be reviewed at least once every 12 (twelve) months, in accordance with its internal process.

In the event of significant changes, Data Subjects will be informed upon its republication.

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