We exist to protect your company and clients

Every day we enhance our technology so that companies have visibility over frauds and external threats that are on every layer of the web, and that may put thousands of consumers and collaborators at risk.

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How Axur works

Amplify your sight for risks beyond the firewall

We use all the potential of Artificial Intelligence to magnify the protection of your data, brand and your consumers. That means having complete sight on the internet with simplified manner, twenty-four seven, thanks to Axur’s technology and expertise on digital security.

Protect your brand with the use of machine learning

Our robots are all over the internet. From the superficial web to the deep and dark web, to amplify your external vision, to null the number of digital peril and generate positive experiences, satisfaction gain and more income.

Analyze the data and be at the center of decisions

Be in control of everything that happens. Analyze numbers, extract reports, obtain data and complete records from the detections. The reaction is also made at Axur’s platform, however you decide when and how. All with a few clicks.

Superior speed on threat detection

Get customized alerts, by e-mail or SMS, as soon as a new digital risk is detected. With faster actions, you are ahead of the scam before your consumer. Smaller exposition time to frauds and dangers, smaller loss and damage to the brand’s reputation.

Automation: Quick takedowns, less risk to reputation

Count on the precision of Machine Learning and take down risks without even opening the platform. Our advanced and automatic analysis in tag forms allow you to classify risks in the way you prefer, to automate the removal and eliminate dangers without affecting your team’s operation.

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Through the volume of fake advertisements we have taken down, we had a 20% to 30% increase in our income in e-commerce.



Axur's customer support is a differential for Dotz. Always very close, identifying opportunities, and bringing important insights.


Alexandra ferreira

Support team recognized by our clients

Our focus on efficiency and quality exists because we are obsessed with serving well: our Support Team is prepared twenty-four seven, and the Customer Success Team is always ready so you can get the best results.

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